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Home of the:
Divine Light Transmission,
Karma Cleansing,
Deity Transmission,
Multi-dimensional Sacred Energy Healing, &
the Bodhi-Sattva Mastery Training

Dedicated to the highest realizations of Divine Love of God, in the fullness of genuine Rasik Enlightenment.

All the work here is lovingly dedicated to my Blessed Gurudev: Sri Sri 1008 Kishori-Kishoranand Baba Tinkudi Gosvami

Dedicated to the highest realizations of Prem Bhakti Seva, in the fullness of genuine Rasik Enlightenment.

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Home of the Free Divine Light Transmission

All of the work here is dedicated to the highest spiritual realization of Divine-Love-Bliss that grows from continued interaction with God's compassionate grace through the sacred transmissions and trainings listed below. The work is here to facilitate genuine enlightenment in Divine Love of, and intimacy with God.

Sacred Transmission / Healing Events

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Divine Light Transmission

Bask in–and Absorb the Divine Light That Transforms the Heart and Soul! Jagadeesh has a unique ability to tap into the loving energy of the Divine and transmit that energy directly to the participants in attendance. 

Ancestral Healing

Jagadeesh will cleanse out and help clear many generations of negative energy from your ancestral lines—harmful content that has been slowing you down, even though you might not have known it!

Sri Ganesh Transmission

Sri Ganesh, the elephant-headed Deity, eliminates the devotees’ obstacles on the way to success and prosperity in life. Sri Ganesh will enter the auric field subtle body complex of Jagadeesh and directly transfer His Divine Blessing to all participants. 

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Sacred Heart Activation

In this event, participants will be touched by the Divine in such a way that unconditional love is unveiled and allowed to flourish.


As negative content is cleared, participants experience the infusion of Divine Love Bliss within the sacred heart. This has a lasting effect on all who are in this intensive session and will receive deep multi-dimensional healing. 


Open your heart and activate Divine Love Bliss. Come and experience healing as you may never have before.

Karma Cleansing

Karma Cleansing is the foundation of Jagadeesh’s transformational work.

Jagadeesh clears karma that has accumulated in your soul during all your lives—going as far back as before you ever had a physical body.


Jagadeesh believes that Karma Cleansing is the first step in creating harmony and untold attunement for oneself, one’s progeny and for future generations.

Sacred Buddha

Level One: Quan Yin / Avalokiteshvar Loving Kindness Compassion: This is direct interaction with the Bodhisattva of Loving, Kindness & Compassion. In this way, it empowers us to align with these profound virtues as we embody them on our way to Buddhahood.  


Level Two: Divine Buddhas (Medicine, Amitabha & Maitreya):  The Medicine Buddha was the first Deity that came into my Psycho-physical field (1996) to serve dedicated spiritual practioners of the world.

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"The choices we have in life are many. Among them all, it is difficult to decide where to focus our attention. What do we want to accomplish in life? The wise focus their attention to things that are eternal. One can come to understand and develop an experiential faith in the fundamental truth that a life lived in God and service to humanity is a life well-lived".

— Jagadeesh

The Ganesh Foundation

Dedicated to the preservation of the Rasik Spiritual Tradition of India.


Education and Training

Focused on the education and training of our next generations’ Siddhas, Saints and Spiritual Leaders.


Sacred Ecology

Promoting Eastern Spiritual values that represent a sacred ecological lifestyle. 


For the protection of and unique communication with Elephants.


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