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Sadhu Priest, Monk, Master Healer,
and Master of Spiritual Transmission Paramahangsa Jagadeesh

Having experienced profound liberation at the tender age of 3 1/2, my formative years were imbued with the sacred music and traditions of Hawaii, fostering a deep connection to compassionate spirituality.


Through dedicated practice under the guidance of esteemed teachers Baba Hari Dass and Lama Yeshe, I embarked on a transformative journey that transcended the boundaries of the physical realm. In an extraordinary out-of-body state, I had the privilege of encountering Mahavatar Babaji (the great Guru and over-seer of Kriya Yoga practioners world-wide), who, at this time initiated me into the “Holy Sound Current of God”.  

Embracing the path of a Rasik Sadhu, I committed myself to an arduous, yet bliss-filled, 15 years of intensive practice in 70’s India, alongside my revered Guru Dev and other eminent Siddhas and Saints. Through this immersive experience, I was bestowed with the immense honor of becoming a lineage holder of the Rasik Tradition, a sacred transmission entrusted to me by my blessed Guru Dev.


It is within the depths of this spiritual lineage that I discovered a purpose – to attain Self-Realization and the different levels of God-Realization as foretold to me by Baba, my blessed Guru Dev, himself. This includes virtuous effort to serve humanity by facilitating profound transformation and spiritual accomplishment in sincere, dedicated spiritual practitioners through advanced spiritual blessing work that has developed since 1985.  


My ultimate aspiration is to create the necessary conditions for spiritual seekers across the globe to experience directly the illuminated absolute knowledge of Divine Love of God. As I continue on this sacred journey, my focus has shifted towards fostering long-term relationships with sincere and dedicated individuals, guiding them towards this spiritual realization and its' consequent empowerment. By nurturing their growth, I aim to cultivate a future generation of God-Realized spiritual leaders who will in turn impact the lives of countless others.


My dedication to serving humanity through the Divine realms remains steadfast, as I seek to ignite the divine spark of Divine Love for God within individual lovers of God, guiding them towards their own path of liberation and profound spiritual fulfillment. With unwavering commitment and a deep reverence for the transformative power of the Divine, I invite you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and unconditional love. Together, let us uncover the boundless possibilities that lead to genuine experience and establishment of living absolute being and intimacy with God.

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